ninety-nine cent dreams

$.99 Dreams (ninety-nine cent dreams) was formed in Brooklyn in 2007 by drummer Matt Crane and saxophonist, synth player Adam Diller to develop the area between hip-hop and free-jazz. They build the music from layers of live overdubs using drums, analog synth, horns, strings, and percussion.

  • Adam Diller: sax, synth, production

  • Matt Crane: drums, synth, percussion




  $.99 dreams: everything $.99 or less
    (2007, ep, ??, ??)
  $.99 dreams: winning on all fronts
    (2008, ep, ??, ??)
  $.99 dreams: $.99 dreams
    (2009, 12", ??, ??)
  $.99 dreams: remix mixtape
    (2009, download, --, private release)


random notes

2010 01

from $.99 dreams

If Sun Ra conducted a group of Ethiopians playing afro-cuban Xenakis pieces that were produced by DJ Premier, you would have a solid idea of what the new .99 DREAMS album sounds like.  A powerful amalgamation of disparate sources; hip hop, funk, jazz, punk, 20th century classical, free jazz--this new slab tickles your earholes, soothes your synapses, and greases your feet.  Check it out for free and see if you agree. 


.99 Dreams





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