nine inch nails

- incl. 'broken hearts are for assholes' (frank zappa)

2006 2dvd-bootleg brazil dvd ex 1001

= the 1997 VHS release, plus bonus material


dvd 1

  1. "erasor" / "terrible lie"

  2. "piggy"

  3. "down in it"
    "a violet fluid"

  4. "march of the pigs"
    "eraser (polite)"
    "eraser (denial; realization)"

  5. "the only time"
    "at the heart of it all"
    "i do not want this"

  6. "wish"

  7. "hurt" (with david bowie)  

  8. "something i can never have"
    "a warm place"
    "the art of self destruction"
    "broken hearts are for assholes"  (frank zappa)

    dvd extras

  9. appendage (newly discovered footage 1989-1997)

  10. still gallery

dvd 2

  1. head like a hole

  2. sin

  3. down in it

  4. pinion

  5. wish

  6. help me i am in hell

  7. happiness in slavery

  8. gave up

  9. march of the pigs

  10. eraser (live)

  11. hurt (live)

  12. wish (live)

  13. closer

  14. the perfect drug

  15. closer (behind the scenes footage with commentary by mark romanek)