mark nauseef & miroslav tadic

the snake music
    – incl. ‘who are the brain police’ (frank zappa)

1994 cd ger cmp cd 60

recorded 1992/06 and 1993/06 at ztudio zerkall, germany by walter quintus

jack bruce: bass, harmonica, vocals
david torn: guitar, slide guitar, loops
mark nauseef: percussion, drums, gong
wolfgang puschnig: sax (alto), hojak (a korean oboe)
markus stockhausen: trumpet
miroslav tadic: guitar (classical, electric, slide)
walter quintus: "digitalia"

produced by nauseef & tadic with kurt renker and walter quintus

  1. lizard on a hot rock (bruce/nauseef/tadic)
  2. wind cries mary (hendrix)
  3. peacock on a hot rock (nauseef/puschnig/stockhausen/tadic)
  4. rope ladder to the moon (brown/bruce)
  5. amarcord (rota)
  6. who are the brain police (frank zappa)
  7. hamburg 2 (tadic)
  8. all souls day (nauseef/tadic)
  9. amarcord (rota)
  10. trio (nauseef/stockhausen/tadie)
  11. walls of the vortex (nauseef/quintus/tadic/torn)
  12. fourths (nauseef)