murray mcnabb

the way in is the way out
    – incl. ‘king kong’ (frank zappa)

1997 2lp new zealand sarang bang records sbr029

limited edition of 250 copies

murray mcnabb: keyboard, arrangements, music director, electronics,...


side one

  1. space case: mr gone  (joe zwainul)
  2. hard jazz: karmapa chenno  (don cherry)
  3. murray mcnabb sextet: coquero  (mcnabb)
  4. modern times: magenta  (billy kristian)

side two

  1. murray mcnabb tio: song for the dreamweaver  (mcnabb)
  2. modern times: peace warrior  (mcanbb)
  3. dr tree: fourth world  (mcnabb)
  4. space case: king kong  (frank zappa)

side three

  1. hard jazz: paradox  (mcnabb)
  2. murray mccnabb: the private lives of birds  (mcnabb)
  3. murry mcnabb: parisienne  (mcnabb)
  4. e-music: eurasion  (mcnabb

side four

  1. murray mcnabb: the private lives of birds II  (mcnabb)
  2. salon kingsadore: radio priestess  (salon kingsadore)
  3. murray mcnabb: meditation (in d)  (mcnabb)
  4. murray mcnabb: cosmic protrusion  (mcnabb / liguori
  5. murray mcnabb: korgprog 4  (mcnabb)