magic mushroom band

live '89
- incl. 'what's the ugliest part of your body?' (frank zappa)

2006 cd uk voiceprint vp360cd

recorded live at 'the nag's head', high wycomber, 1989

kim oz (kim russel)
gary moonboot  (gary masters)
gary twining: guitar
joie hinton: keyboard

  1. burning like the sun  (masters)

  2. what's the ugliest part of your body  (frank zappa) 

  3. bottom of the bucket blues  (ayers)

  4. rhythm and rhyme  (masters, twining)

  5. good loving  (unknown)

  6. the octave of obsideon  (masters, twining)

  7. living in a dream  (masters, twining)

  8. within yu  (harrison)

  9. turban paranoia  (masters)

  10. are you experienced  (hendrix)

  11. love resurrection  (masters)