muffinz power quartet

moo-ah - live at festival moo-ah corby uk 21st march 2015
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2016 cdr uk private release

limited edition, promotional release

2015 live recording

roddie gilliard: bass, vocals
jumpy (ian jump): guitar, vocals
phil hearn: keyboards, vocals
rhino (paul ryan): drums, vocals

produced by ian jump

  1. a. introduction
    b. wedding dress song  (trad.)
    c. handsome cabin boy  (trad.)
    d. Lets move to yer momas  (f.zappa)
  2. a. village of the sun  (f.zappa)
    b. girl from ipanema  (jobim)
  3. more trouble  (f.zappa)
  4. city of tiny lights  (f.zappa)
  5. jones crusher  (f.zappa)
  6. a. the mystery bleep (introduction)
    b.little house I used to live in  (f.zappa)
  7. fairies wear brown shoes  (osbourne, iommi, butler, ward, f.zappa)
  8. trail of tears  (, d.bailey)
  9. eat that question  (f.zappa)
  10. a. the dickmann interlude (introduction)
    b. cold winter gale  (r.gilliard, i.jump, m.smith, p.ryan)
  11. whipping post  (g.allman)
  12. grow me a chin  (f.zappa)