muffinz power quartet

let's drink some tea
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2016 cdr uk private release

limited edition, promotional release

2015 live recording

roddie gilliard: bass, vocals
jumpy (ian jump): guitar, vocals
phil hearn: keyboards, vocals
rhino (paul ryan): drums, vocals

unmastered studio monitor mixes
recorded and mixed by the bean

  1. alrightish jivetalk  = 'cleetus-awreetus awrightus' (f. zappa)
  2. shiny bright town  =  'village of the sun'  (f. zappa)
  3. brown boots  - incl. 'brown shoes don't make it'  (f. zappa) & 'fairies wear boots' (black sabbath)
  4. comfortable seating = 'sofa'  (f. zappa), also includes 'theme from mission impossible'
  5. a very un-pc lyric  =  'easy meat'  (f. zappa)
  6. a dress for all occasions  = 'let's move to cleveland'  (f. zappa)
  7. jcb trail  = 'trail of tears' (j.c. black)
  8. go ape 2015  = 'king kong'  (f.zappa), 'let's make the water turn black '  (f.zappa)
  9. a spot of bother  = 'more trouble every day'  (f.zappa)
  10. petite teepee  = 'little house i used to live in'  (f.zappa)