saturn rings
    feat.elliot ingber & lowell george

1969 lp usa  
???? cd ?? fallout aocd2003

michele o'malley: vocals
elliot ingber: electric guitar
bobby narcoff: electric violin
lowell george: flute and harmonica
mike melvine: arrangements  5

produced by mike deasy

  1. would you like to go  (jameson)
  2. blind as you are  (o'malley)
  3. song to a magic frog  (o'malley)
  4. fallen angel  (o'malley)
  5. spinning, spinning, spinning  (boettcher / mallory)
  6. know yourself  (jameson)
  7. musty dusty  (boettcher / almer)
  8. lament of the astro cowboy  (boettcher)
  9. white linen  (o'malley / jameson)
  10. misty mirage  (boettcher)
  11. believe you  (boettcher)