men & volts

a giraffe is listening to the radio - men & volts play captain beefheart
- all compositions by captain beefheart

2017 lp usa feeding tube records ftr 306 ng#20


recorded in rehearsal & performance, 1979-80

  phil kaplan: guitar, 2nd drums  (a3, b4), harmonica  (b3)
  jon proudman: drums
  roger stevenson: vocals, bass guitar  (b3), harmonica (a5)
  david greenberger: bass guitar
  brian frank: guitar
  grant wynn: vocals (b5)
  greg selker: marimba
  tom hall: tenor saxophone

all compositions by don van vliet

side one

  1. electricity
  2. moonlight on vermont
  3. doctor dark
  4. the spotlight kid
  5. nowaday's a woman's gotta hit a man

side two

  1. owed t'alex
  2. clear spot
  3. grow fins
  4. lick my decals off, baby
  5. steal softly thru snow #1
  6. abba zabba