malcolm mcnab

exquisite - the artistry of malcolm mcnab  (1)
    - incl. 'the be-bop tango' (frank zappa)

2006 cd usa kinnell house records 1001


the be-bop tango orchestra
  malcom mcnab: solo trumpet
  stephanie mcnab: flute & piccolo
  gary bovyer: clarinet & bass clarinet
  earle dumler: bass oboe
  dan higgins: alto sax
  michael o'donovan: bassoon & contrabassoon
  haim shtrum: violin
  joseph meyer: horn
  gary grant: trumpet
  william booth: trombone
  bruce fowler: trombone
  philip teele: bass trombone
  ruth underwood: marimba & tuned cowbells
  vinnie colaiuta: drums

'concerto for violin & orchestra in d major, op. 35' (peter ilyich tchaikovsky) (1840-1893)
adapted for trumpet by billy may & m. mcnab

  1. allegro moderato

  2. andante

  3. allegro vivacissimo

'concerto for two violins & string orchestra in d minor' (johann sebastian bach) (1685-1750)
arranged for 2 trumpets & orchestra by mcnab

  1. vivace

  2. largo ma non tanto

  3. allegro

'saloon music for bb cornet & pit orchestra' (bruce broughton) (b. 1945)

  1. overture

  2. air varie

  3. sentimental song

  4. finale

'the be-bop tango' (frank zappa) (1940-1993)
orchestrated by bruce fowler

  1. the malcom mcnab