the madmen

quite mad to be frank
    - incl. various zappa compositions

1995 cd nl nauta ntcd 2

recorded august 9 - 11, 1995

eric wissenburg: guitar, background vocals
ger schäfer: lead vocals, guitars, harmonica
guido schäfer: drums
josje schäfer: vocals
jeroen dros: bass
timo schäfer: mystery man

produced by eric mullholland

  1. how's your bird (zappa)
  2. misty days (j & g schäfer)
  3. my guitar wants to kill your mama (zappa)
  4. the boss is just an ... asshole ! (g.schäfer)
  5. suicide chump (zappa)
  6. killer (g.schäfer)
  7. pretty baby (trad.)
  8. move away (g.schäfer)
  9. nigger business (zappa)
  10. trouble every day (zappa)
  11. woman be wise (s.wallace)