alex machacek featuring marco minnemann

24 tales

2010 cd usa abstract logix ablx 024

"being a release in the 'normalizer 2' series, wherein marco minnemann provides the same album-length drum improvisation to different artists and invites them to compose music for it."

  alex machacek: guitars and everything else
  marco minnemann: drums
special guests
  sumitra: vocals 2
  martin ptak: trombone 12, 13, 15

all compositions by alex machacek

the music on this cd is composed to a marco minnemann drum solo which he recorded in one take.

  1. on your marks...
  2. sit back and chillax
  3. tour de france
  4. dancing with the baby bear
  5. anamika
  6. pros and cons of depression
  7. little man
  8. tranquillo
  9. tranquilizer
  10. sweet torture
  11. she likes it
  12. see you there
  13. x-max
  14. feel me!
  15. at the club
  16. eau de conlon
  17. doldrums
  18. minnemaus in da house
  19. run, fusion!
  20. air
  21. sexy
  22. blender
  24. over and out