insidious rays

more songs about sex, love, death & sex
    - feat. robbie 'seahag' mangano

2003 cd usa private release / insidious music


  matty love (matt juknevic): vocals, guitar
  mikey retard (michael davidson): guitar, lap steel, moogerfooger, goat yell
  jonny pakalolo (jon braun): drums, percussion, backing vocals
  levi levinos (nick levinos): keybards and backing vocals
  soulboner (david johnson): bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on 'jolene'
  robbie 'seahag' mangano: guitar on 'i got these cheeseburgers'
  justin, julie, jamie, ariana and eamon: additional party vocals
  esme montgomery: outro piano

all songs by matty love and insidious rays

  1. skank beach
  2. candy apple kisses
  3. jolene
  4. i got these cheeseburgers
  5. this is science in french... o.k.?
  6. rock sex party
  7. kiss like you been cheatin'
  8. summer vacation
  9. you packed my heart in your suitcase
  10. rock 'n' roll nitemare
  11. i fucked some beer the fuck up
  12. itsy bitsy
  13. dungarees
  14. middlesex charm