nigey lennon

reinventing the wheel
    - feat. candy zappa, mike keneall, denny walley,  incl. 'any way the wind blows' (frank zappa)

2000 cd usa dinghy records  1001

nigey lennon: guitar, slide guitar, slide guitar fx, keyboards, percussion, low grade vocals, jet lag, chronological defiance
john tabacco: various arrangments, drums, proramming, swell vocals, acoustic guitar, editing, waiting around, alien combat
victoria berding: vocals  2, 7, 10
candy zappa: vocals  6, 4, 15
mike keneally: guitar, vocals 2, 3, 15, 9, 16
teddy kumpel: guitar 7, 11
jim dexter: guitar 12
david walley: laughter

urban gwerder wrote the words to 16

produced by nigey lennon and john tabacco

  1. please help me get to the bottom of it all (a capella)  (nigey lennon)
  2. tit elation  (nigey lennon)
  3. it's just a black guitar  (john tabacco, nigey lennon)
  4. anyway the wind blows (frank zappa)
  5. just another third rate clown  (nigey lennon)
  6. messin' in the kitchen  (nigey lennon)
  7. can ya do it?  (victoria berding)
  8. calle sin nombre  (nigey lennon)
  9. pirates of old northport  (nigey lennon)
  10. jihad!  (nigey lennon)
  11. it must be a cigar  (john tabacco, nigey lennon)
  12. brain tap shuffle  (donald fagen, walter becker)
  13. the akai connection  (nigey lennon)
  14. please help me get to the bottom of it all (full blown)  (nigey lennon)
  15. yer wife don't like me  (nigey lennon)
  16. mesmerized cowboy  (nigey lennon, urban gwerder)