gary lucas


2016 cd usa cuneiform recordsd rune 405

gary lucas: acoustic guitar, guitar arrangements, vocals
sarah stiles: lead vocals
joe fiedler: trombone: ensemble arrangements
jeff lederer: woodwinds, vocals
michael bates: acoustic bass
rob garcia: drums

produced by gary lucas

music from max fleischer cartoons

  1. sweet betty  (timberg, lerner)
  2. don't take my boop-oop-a-doop away  (timberg, lerner)
  3. that's my weakness now  (stept, green)
  4. i want a clean shaven man  (fleischer, timberg)
  5. penthouse serenade  (when we're alone)  (jason, burton)
  6. the broken record  (bunch, tobias, friend)
  7. the music goes 'round and around  (farley, hodgson, riley)
  8. ain't cha  (rich, gordon)
  9. brotherly love  (rothberg, timberg)
  10. little pal  (timberg, scholl)
  11. do something  (stept, green)
  12. beware of barnacle bill  (robison, luther)