gary lucas / dean bowman

chase the devil

2011 cd usa knitting factory kfr-1100

recorded and mixed at shelter island sound, nyc

gary lucas: guitars
dean bowman: voice

  1. nobody's house  (lucas, bowman)
  2. time and the place  (lucas, bowman)
  3. god is a good god  (public domain)
  4. twelve gates to the city  (rev. gary davis)
  5. dark was the night, cold was the ground / this may be the last time  (blind willie johnson / the staple singers)
  6. hinay ma t'ov  (traditional)
  7. children of zion  (rev. gary davis)
  8. out on the rolling sea  (joseph spence)
  9. in christ there is no east or west  (traditional)
  10. jerusalem  (sir hubert parry / william blake)
  11. let my people go  (traditional)
  12. up above my head  (siter rosetta tharpe)