little feat

time loves a hero
- feat.lowell george

1977 lp usa warner bros. records  wb 56349

1977 studio recording

  lowell george: guitar, vocals
  paul barrère: guitar, vocals
  bill payne: keyboards
  kenny gradney: bass
  richie hayward: drums
  sam clayton: percussion
  greg adams: trumpet
  mic gilette: trombone
  lenny pickett: alto sax
  emilio castillo: tenor sax
  steve "doctor" kupka: baritone sax
fred tackett: guitar
  jeff "skunk" baxter: guitar
  patrick simmons: guitar, vocals

cover art by neon park

produced by ted templeman

side 1

  1. hi roller   3'45   (p.barrère)
  2. time loves a hero   3'47   (p.barrère, b.payne, k.gradney)
  3. rocket in my pocket   3'25   (
  4. day at the dog races   6'27   (p.barrère, b.payne, k.gradney, r.hayward, s.clayton)

side 2

  1. old folks boogie   3'31   (p.barrère, g.barrère)
  2. red streamliner   4'44   (b.payne, f.tate)
  3. new dehli freight train   3'42   (t.allen)
  4. keepin' up with the joneses   3'51   (, p.barrère)
  5. missin' you   2'21   (p.barrère)