little bob blues bastards

    - incl. 'zig zag wanderer' (don van vliet)

2015 cd france dixiefrog records dgfcd 87760


roberto 'little bob' piazza: lead vocals
bertrand couloume: upright bass, backing vocals
gilles mallet: electric guitar, backing vocals
mickey blow: harp, backing vocals
jérémie piazza: drums, percussion


  1. we are the blues bastards  (r.piazza)
  2. apaches  (r.piazza)
  3. sleepin' in a car  (r.piazza)
  4. only liars  (r.piazza)
  5. you better run  (r.piazza)
  6. zig zag wanderer (don van vliet)
  7. i'm howlin  (r.piazza)
  8. dirty mad aasshole  (r.piazza)
  9. can't you hear me  (r.piazza)
  10. the blues are brewing  (e.delange, l.alter)
  11. kissed by lightning  (r.piazza)
  12. my heart keeps beating  (r.piazza)