james lawless & the ratbastard orchestra

passed progressively too
    - incl. 'little house i used to live in', 'let's move to cleveland' (frank zappa), 'salamanders in the sun' (steve vai)

2011 cdr-on-demand usa amazon / banned records


james lawless: all instruments


  1. little house i used to live in  (frank zappa)

  2. salamanders in the sun (orchestrated)  (steve vai)

  3. the glass prison  (dream theater)

  4. karn evil nine suite - 1st impression  (emerson)

  5. karn evil nine suite - 2nd impression  (emerson)

  6. karn evil nine suite - 3rd impression  (emerson)

  7. kid charlemagne  (becker, fagan)

  8. killer queen  (mercury, may)

  9. let's move to cleveland  (frank zappa)

  10. salamanders in the sun (unplugged / reprise)  (steve vai)