gary lucas

street of lost brothers

2001 cd usa tzadic tz 7145


gary lucas: electric, acoustic and steel guitars, vocals 3, 6, raygun, kibbitzing 1
gods and monsters  1, 4
  gary lucas: acoustic and electric slide guitars * ernie brooks: bass * jonathan kane: drums
o-bay-gone band  12
  gary lucas: electric guitar * jesper gadelius: guitar * hank frisch: harmonica * peter eng: bass * aldo tsang: drums
john zorn: alto sax  1
walter horn: synths, piano, sampler  11
kenny and larry: vocals  1, 4


  1. yigdal  (trad., arr. by gary lucas)
  2. the opener of the way  (g.lucas)
  3. that's my life  (g.lucas)
  4. mahzel means good luck  (wayne, beekman)
  5. it's like a wheel  (g.lucas)
  6. european song  (reed, cale, morrison, tucker)
  7. i kill you for nothing (marx brothers medley)  (berlin, kalmar, ruby)
  8. ride of the valkyries  (wagner, arr. by gary lucas)
  9. let my people go  (trad., arr. by gary lucas)
  10. level the playing field  (g.lucas)
  11. sh'ma  (trad., arr. by gary lucas)
  12. the tel aviv ghetto fighters' song  (frisch, lucas)