wayne krantz

howie 61
    - feat. vinnnie colaiuta

2012 cd usa abstrackt logix


wayne krantz: guitar, vocals
vinnie colaiuta: drums
keith garlock: drums
anton fig: drums
charlie drayton: drums
nate wood: drums
jeremy stacey: drums
kenny wolleson: drums
david binney: saxophone
paul stacey: slide guitar
tal wilkenfeld: bass
pino palladino: bass
john patitucci: bass
owen biddle: bass
james genus: bass
john beasley: keys
henry hey: keys
gabriela anders: vocals
yasushi miura: electronica


  1. howie 61
  2. the bad guys
  3. check y solf
  4. i'm afraid that i'm dead
  5. son of a scientist
  6. can't stand to rock
  7. i'd like to thank my body
  8. u strip it
  9. bells
  10. how the west was left