sir millard mulch

the de-evolution of yasmine bleeth
    = carl king, feat. morgan agren, devin townsend

2006 cd usa private release / mmm002


sir millard mulch (carl king): guitar, bass, sequencing, vocals
john e. citrone: drums  2, 3, 6
morgan ågren: drums 5
devin townsend: vocals  7
dank gurbaine: cello  7
left-handed mike: additional percussion  4
harold: additional guitar and vocals  5
dale: additional vocals  5
brad fries: eh-he, ni-na-no

all songs composed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by sir millard mulch

  1. radio promo is the answer to all my problems
  2. tiki bar revolution
  3. the mysteries of the universe arerevealed to morons, pt.1
  4. the de-evolution of yasmine bleeth
  5. james pitts in bondage y2k
  6. while they were rockstars
  7. the great strength of our order
  8. green milk conspiracy