mike keneally

the wow sound of affable mort

1988 k7 usa tar tapes mk01

recorded in 1982

mike keneally: vocals & instruments
marty keneally: guitar on 10

produced by marty & mike keneally

  1. we never smile (m.keneally)
  2. he (m.keneally)
  3. building bigger lies (m.keneally)
  4. the ones that count (m.keneally)
  5. found this last sunday (m.keneally)
  6. it's all i can do (m.keneally)
  7. meat under analysis (m.keneally)
  8. you're not alone (m.keneally)
  9. dripping with success (m.keneally)
  10. things seem important (m.keneally)
  11. hey i can take it (m.keneally)
  12. what did you say your name was 1 (m.keneally)
  13. mind so true (m.keneally)
  14. place in the rain (m.keneally)
  15. horrible house (m.keneally)
  16. star stuff (m.keneally)
  17. story no.3 (m.keneally)
  18. no problems (m.keneally)
  19. vulture fun (m.keneally)
  20. companion (m.keneally)
  21. what happened to the dogs (m.keneally)