mike keneally

wine and pickles

2008 cd usa exowax 2409

studio recordings 1998 - 2006

mike keneally
rick musallam: guitar
bryan beller: bass
nick d'virgillio: drums
marc ziegenhagen: acoustic and electric piano
evan francis: saxes
jason harrison smith: drums
chris opperman: trumpet
tricia (wiliams) steel: percussion

all compositions by mike keneally

produced by mike keneally

  1. 2ctv

  2. feelin' strangely

  3. li'l (signature sound version)

  4. backwards deb (3rd person)

  5. bubble creek

  6. never ever wrong

  7. unused hum

  8. i heard about what you said

  9. inhale (with lyle workman)

  10. 4s

  11. skull bubbles (uncut)

  12. stop for flashing red light, part one

  13. lonely man (studio)

  14. selfish otter (uncut)

  15. a cincise piano statement

  16. aerodef

  17. kevorkian 3

  18. thou shalt not kill

  19. paloma (alternate version)

  20. kevorkian 17

  21. the endings of things