mike keneally & beer for dolphins

dancing (8)

2000 2cd usa exowax records ex 2404
      - ltd edition of 2000 copies


mike keneally: lead guitar & vocals
bryan beller: bass
marc ziegenhagen: keyboards
jason harrison smith: drums
evan francis: alto sax, flute
chris opperman: trumpet
tricia williams: percussion
rick musallam: guitar
jesse keneally: vocals

produced by mike keneally

bonus disc recorded live 2000/05/26,
    at the 'baked potato', hollywood, la, usa

disc one:

  1. live in japan (m.keneally)
  2. ankle bracelet (m.keneally)
  3. poo-tee-weet? (m.keneally)
  4. backwards deb (m.keneally)
  5. we'll be right back (m.keneally)
  6. joe (m.keneally)
  7. pretty enough for girls (m.keneally)
  8. taster (m.keneally)
  9. dancing (m.keneally)
  10. selfish otter (m.keneally)
  11. only mondays (m.keneally)
  12. lhai sal (m.keneally)
  13. the mystery music (m.keneally)
  14. the brown triangles (m.keneally)
  15. mm (m.keneally)
  16. i was not ready for you (m.keneally)
  17. ragged ass (m.keneally)
  18. skull bubbles (m.keneally)
  19. friends and family (m.keneally)
  20. kedgeree (m.keneally, b.beller)

disc two: (live and acoustic at the baked potato)

  1. i was not ready for you (m.keneally)
  2. lonley man (m.keneally)
  3. friends and family (m.keneally)
  4. joe (m.keneally)
  5. live in japan (m.keneally)
  6. we'll be right back (m.keneally)
  7. i will (m.keneally)
  8. apple pie (m.keneally)
  9. backwards deb (m.keneally)
  10. ankle bracelet (m.keneally)
  11. dancing (m.keneally)
  12. lhai sal (m.keneally)
  13. pretty enough for girls (m.keneally)
  14. only mondays (m.keneally)
  15. kedgeree (m.keneally, b.beller)