mike keneally

life's a butter dream - elephants walking under god

1988 k7 usa tar tapes mk02

recorded in 1983 & 1986

mike keneally: vocals & instruments

produced by marty & mike keneally

A. life's a butter dream

  1. all for the sake of sound (m.keneally)
  2. what did you say your name was 2 (m.keneally)
  3. must be a lie (m.keneally)
  4. that was tremendous (m.keneally)
  5. have mercy on the planets (m.keneally)
  6. indefinite stay (m.keneally)
  7. machine (m.keneally)
  8. you look like light (m.keneally)
  9. old homes (m.keneally)
  10. alarm (m.keneally)
  11. there have been bad moments (m.keneally)
  12. killer fish (m.keneally)

B. elephants walking under god

  1. solo walk (m.keneally)
  2. transported in the night (m.keneally)
  3. bonnie can't face it (m.keneally)
  4. don't go in caves (m.keneally)
  5. airport (m.keneally)
  6. economy (m.keneally)
  7. dripping with success 2 (m.keneally)
  8. i don't have anything to do (m.keneally)
  9. cold, hot (m.keneally)
  10. anybody's brain (m.keneally)
  11. where are you (m.keneally)
  12. snakes and silence (m.keneally)