mike keneally & beer for dolphins

live at mama kin
    - incl. 'inca roads' (frank zappa)

2013 cd usa exowax rk-2203

= the bonus album that comes with the 'super-deluxe' re-issue of sluggo with lots of bonus material
limited to 1000 (numbered) copies

mike keneally & beer for dolphins
live at mama kin
boston, ma august 15, 1998

mike keneally: guitar, lead vocals
bryan beller: bass, background vocals
marc ziegenhagen: keyboards, background vocals
jason harrison smith: drums, background vocals

produced by mike keneally

all songs by mike keneally, except where noted

  1. guest host intro

  2. bssoc  (keneally, ziegenhagen, beller, smith)

  3. immigrant song  (jimmy page, robert plant)

  4. natty trousers

  5. why am i your guy?

  6. them dolphins is smart

  7. 1988 was a million years ago

  8. yep, them dolphins is smart, alright

  9. bullys (sic)

  10. tug

  11. vent

  12. potato

  13. pencil music

  14. the car song

  15. voyage to manhood

  16. top of stove melting

  17. inca roads  (frank zappa)