mike keneally

wing beat fantastic

2012 cd usa exowax ex-2413


mike keneally: acoustic guitar, slide guitars, synth bass, bass, lead and background voices, keyboards, tambourine
allen whitman: additional background vocals  2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12
marco minnemann: drums  2, 3, 11  cymbals  12
andy partridge: drum loop  2, 3
matt rescnicoff: background vocals  3
nick d'virgilio: drums  5
rick musallam: drums  5
april west: trombones  11
bryan beller: acoustic bass  12
evan frances: clarinet  12

produced by mike keneally

songs written by mike keneally & andy partridge

  1. the ineffable oomph of everything, part one  (keneally)
  2. i'm raiing here, inside  (keneally, partridge)
  3. wing beat fantastic  (keneally, partridge)
  4. the ineffable oomph of everything, part two  (keneally)
  5. you kill me  (keneally, partridge)
  6. freind of a friend  (keneally, partridge)
  7. that's why i have no name  (keneally)
  8. you rhouse  (keneally, partridge)
  9. miracle woman and man  (keneally, partridge)
  10. inglow  (keneally, partridge)
  11. bobeau  (keneally, partridge)
  12. land  (keneally)