mike keneally

wing beat elastic

2013 cd usa exowax ex-2413-1


mike keneally: instruments & vocals
marco minnemann: drums  1, 3, 9, 14
matt resnicoff: additional backing vocals  2, 14
allen whitman: additional backing vocals  2, 14  solo vocal  3
mark vidler: additional instrumentation  2
april west: trombones  3
andy partridge: drum loop  4, 8  vocals  7
bryan beller: bass  9
evan francis: clarinet  9

produced by mike keneally

songs written by mike keneally & andy partridge

  1. i'm raining here, inside (chatfield/harris slight return mix)

  2. wing beat fantastic (mark vidler psychedelic respray)

  3. bobeau (keneally laptopian remix)

  4. you kill me (keneally/partridge original demo)

  5. miracle woman and man (chatfield/harris no agenda mix)

  6. corn (unreleased track)

  7. your house (keneally/partridge demo - keneally vocal on 1st verse, partridge vocal on the rest of the song)

  8. bobo (keneally/partridge instrumental demo)

  9. land with no name (chatfield/harris isle of rachmaninoff mix)

    wingbeat fantasia (unreleased instrumental suite in four parts)

  10. a respectful pause

  11. bobolink wing

  12. out in the wet

  13. i'm into it

  14. wing beat fantastic (chatfield/harris venusian single mix)