mike keneally / marco minnemann

elements of a manatee

2010 cd+dvd usa exowax ex-2410

= the audio of the "evidence of humanity" dvd

mike keneally: guitars
marco minnemann: drums

produced by mike keneally

  1. intro

  2. a dense, heavy skeleton

  3. flat lungs

  4. pelvic vestiges

  5. muscles with little myoglobin

  6. the dorsoventral motion of its fluke

  7. jaw

  8. small smooth brain

  9. the vertebral column

  10. centra and its marrow

  11. no milk storage

  12. this is its soul

  13. a place to sleep for the night

  14. the lip

  15. two agile forelimbs

  16. inscrutable

  17. they know where you are