mike keneally / marco minnemann

evidence of humanity

2010 cd+dvd usa exowax ex-2410

"being a release in the 'normalizer 2' series, wherein marco minnemann provides the same album-length drum improvisation to different artists and invites them to compose music for it."

mike keneally: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, flutes, voices and randomia
marco minnemann: drums

produced by mike keneally


  1. respect?

  2. evidence of humanity

  3. three people run naked through school

  4. tooth and cold stone pew

  5. now

  6. bastards into battle

  7. you, and your problems

  8. bad friday

  9. rough time at the hotel

  10. whoa

  11. kaa

  12. clown removal

  13. forgive and remember

  14. apex music

  15. our collective wisdom to date

  16. trying

  17. a place to stay for the night


  1. elements of a manatee -- live duo improv (54:54)

  2. a conversation with mike and marco (39:59)