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     From: unknown
This entry is here for the "completists". Michael Kenyon is the infamous Illinois Enema Bandit. Per the news account:

"Michael H. Kenyon, 30, the suspected enema bandit who terrorized coeds at the University of Illinois for 10 years, has pleaded guilty in Urbana, Ill., to six counts of armed robbery. He has admitted administering enemas to woman victims in at least three of the six robberies."

FZ wrote "The Illinois Enema Bandit" as a ??tribute?? to this  upstanding citizen.

Former FBI agent John Finley, who researched the case for FT,  notes that Kenyon was a subscriber to Enema Digest, a specialist  magazine for devotees of water sports. There is no record of further enema assaults since 1981.

"Enema Digest" is mentioned in the song "Porno" by the Limbomaniacs, a very Zappa influenced funk/rock band from
California.  Their lyrics dwell on sexual and scatological themes. At least one of the members is part of the Zappa cover band Caca.

        From: "D.G. Porter" (dgporter@pacbell.net)
I heard some years ago that a guy was waiting in the unemployment office, and he heard the name "Michael Kenyon" called out, and it was the guy sitting next to him, and he asked the guy if he'd ever heard of someone named Frank Zappa, and the guy bolted from his seat right out of the building.

     From: Steve Cobham (steve@XSPAMguitarsMAPSX.powernet.co.uk)
Everything is true about this story.
It must be - they even made a video about it:  http://adultshoppingcenter.com/p67.htm

     From: Paul Gamble (gamma@beeb.net)
I watched a movie called 'Forbidden Cargo' & the lead character was called Michael Kenyon ????
is this a chicago-incedent or a Cohen see dance