kimono draggin'

space orphans

2009 cd usa spaynsive productions spa-002

  joseph nolan: guitar, vocals, organ, keyboard
  joshua hatton: bass, vocals
  chris swirsky: drums, vocals, keyboard
  steve asetta: saxophone
  will iannunuzzi: accordion
  frank malec: electric piano
  scott amore: effects, vocals
  jeff wilcox: drums  1
  matt thomas: vocals

produced by scott amore

all songs by kimono draggin', except where noted

  1. duality jones

  2. pain train

  3. super jew / mother spaynsive

  4. pete & repeat

  5. i think i love you

  6. the stranger

  7. h.e.doublehockeysticks

  8. my music / foxy joey  (incl. 'foxy lady' (j.hendrix))

  9. leaves of five creeps

  10. jupiter section