jamie kime

- produced by mike keneally and jamie kime

2014 cd usa private release

recorded at doubletime studios, santee, ca, and the red room, van nuys, ca

jamie kime: guitars, bass on 7
mike keneally: bass  5, piano, rhodes
cliff almond: drums, percussion
pete griffin: bass, upright bass
rico belled: bass  2, 9
billy hulting: percussion, vibes
arlan oscar: hammond organ, synth bass, mellotron  1, 7, 8
ty bailie: hammond organ  2, 3, 6, 9
mitch manker: evi  10

engineered by jeff forrest and rick musallam
produced by mike keneally and jamie kime

  1. alleys  (jamie kime)

  2. esque  (jamie kime, mike keneally)

  3. britton west  (jamie kime)

  4. bottlerocket  (jamie kime, mike keneally)

  5. woodley park  (jamie kime, mike keneally, cliff almond)

  6. shinebox  (jamie kime)

  7. engine  (jamie kime, mike keneally)

  8. v.o.e.  (jamie kime)

  9. pelt  (jamie kime, mike keneally)

  10. philadelphia  (jamie kime)