jono el grande

neo dada

2009 cd norway rune grammofon rcd 2084


jono el grande: lead vocals on 2, nostrils on 6, guitars and synthesizer solo on 2, sound processing, rare percussion overdubs and electronic guitar noises
hans martin austestad: lead vocals on 2, larynx percussion and throat singing on 6
ård bradtlie: vocals and kazoo solo on 7
løkra: soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones
embrik snerte: bassoon
terje engen: drums
åkon mørch stene: percussion, marimba and vibraphone
andré bongard: keyboards on 7 and 1
petter s
ørlie kragstad: keyboards on 5, 3, 2 and 6
eyolf dale: synthesizer overdubs on 2
ida kristine hansen: violin I
isa caroline holmesland: violin II
gunnhild oddbj
ørnsdatter: viola
lisa isabel holstad: cello

composed, arranged, conducted an dproduced by jone el grande

  1. neo dada

  2. ballet morbido in a dozen tiny movements

  3. oslo coty suite

  4. your mother eats like a platipus

  5. big ben over

  6. three variations on a mainstream neurosis

  7. choco king