anton johansson

galahad suite
mattias mattias eklundh

2013 cd sweden lion music


  anton johansson: project
  linus abrahamson: guitar, bass
  carl lindquist: vocals
  mats bergentz: drums
  sebastian berglund: keyboards
  anna forsvall lundmark: cello
  erik wiss: additional keyboards
  evelina andersson: backing vocals
  ellen abrahamson: backing vocals
  miakel cederhag: backing vocals
  mattias ia eklundh: guitar
  magnus karlsson: guitar
  jens johansson: keyboard
  dennis post: guitar
  magnus kristensson: guitar
  jonas hansson: guitar
  lalle larsson: keyboard
  alf wemmernlind: vocals

produced by anton johansson, linus abrahamson and erik wiss

  1. galahad - the hope
  2. somewhere - the quest
  3. happy - the incident
  4. hunted - the decision
  5. morning sun - the battle
  6. loneliness - the peace
  7. never alone - the victory
  8. coming home - the reward
  9. vision devine - the end
  10. galahad - the man