james harman

    - incl. 'son of mr green genes) (frank zappa)

2014 cdr usa private release


james harman: guitar
mike emerson: b3, keyboards and m.v.p.
gary silva: drums, percussion
nick otis: drums, percussion
jon otis: percussion
john main: bass
doug harman: cello and keyboards

  1. one day like this  (garvey, elbow, potter)
  2. valdez in the country  (hathaway)
  3. parana  (fattoruso)
  4. let's stay together  (green, mitchell, jackson)
  5. don't know why  (harris)
  6. merry-go-round  (moreira)
  7. killer joe  (golson)
  8. chega de saudade  (jobim), de moraes)
  9. seven come eleven  (christian)
  10. 500 miles high  (corea, potter)
  11. smile  (chaplin, turner,parsons)
  12. son of mr green genes  (zappa)