hugh hopper and yumi hara cawkwell


2008 cd usa moonjune records  mjr019

recorded in 2007 and 2008

hugh hopper: bass, electronics
yumi hara cawkwell: keyboards, percussion, vocals

produced by hugh hopper and yumi hara cawkwell

  1. long dune   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  2. shiranui   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  3. seki no gohonmatsu   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  4. circular dune   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  5. scattered forest   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  6. hopeful impressions of happiness   (h.hopper, y.hara, b.hopper)
  7. awayuki I   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  8. awayuki II   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  9. distant dune   (h.hopper, y.hara)
  10. futa   (h.hopper, y.hara)