humble grumble

the tom and gabor special

2006 cd bel private release

re-release of the 1996 demo

humble gabor: guitar and vocals
tom theuns: guitar, sitar,  bass, piano, banjo and vocals
wouter vandenabeele: violin  7
mattias laga: soprano sax  9
marjan and hermelinde: vocals, flute and recorder  11
joriska vanhaelewyn: vocals  12
jacob d'hollander: backing vocals  12


  1. a tigrismama altatodala  (l.voros, j.romhanyi)
  2. olga perestroika  (t.theuns, g.humble)
  3. fantasy walkers  (t.theuns, g.humble)
  4. the king is dead  (t.theuns)
  5. 1997  (t.theuns, g.humble)
  6. bright times  (t.theuns)
  7. bergerac's dream  (w.vandenabeele, t.theuns, g.humble)
  8. wondering happy girl  (t.theuns)
  9. magicurapidumodulus  (g.humble)
  10. never lose your mind  (g.humble)
  11. moonhunter  (g.humble)
  12. jin & johny  (t.theuns)
  13. seven parades  (trad., arr. w.vandenabeele)
     -  recorded live in 'charletan', ghent, belgium, november 1996 with boris dehandschutter on drums, mattias laga on sax, tom theuns on bass and gabor humble on guitar and vocals