hectic watermelon

the great american road trip

2006 cd usa predator fish records pf 3346


  john czajkowski: electric guitar, fretless nylon guitar, guitar synth, mandolin, keys, vocals, elephantaphone, vehicular sampling and sound design
  darren 'd-ride' debree: all drums and percussion
  harley magsino: electric and upright bass
special guests
  jerry goodman: electric violin
  brian kahanek: fuzz guitar  1
  scott lerner: 1st guitar solo  3
  kevin freeby: bass 4

produced by john czajkowski

music written by john czajkowski

I. the great american road trip

  1. sacred watershed
  2. the third derivate of james brown
  3. bionic hillbilly
  4. f street fulano

II. subterranean suite

  1. dreams of concrete jungles
  2. subterranean rapid transit
  3. layover in amemet
  4. stray dogs messaging project

III. homeward travelers

  1. steve's stunt double
  2. tenwty-first century visigoth
  3. bullets, dice and 30 megabytes