the headshakers


2015 cd fr aph 106026-1


   pierre-yves 'py' langlois: tenor sax, vocals
  franck 'fat's bill' beele: trumupet
  samuel 'atchoum' marthe: trombone
  rémy 'red bull' charlet: fender rhodes, clavinet, hammond organ, keyboards
  mike 'mikus' varlet: guitars
  guillaume '4 strings' dumont: bass
  fred 'el pulpo' savinien: percussion
  arnaud 'bad boy' havet: drums
  martial delangre: scratch  3
  andy robbins: narrator  8
  franck tortiller: vibraphone  8
  vocale ethnya: vocals 12

  1. memory one
  2. we jazz we rock we funk
  3. introducing the headshakers #2
  4. man on wire
  5. reversed
  6. chimique
  7. intermède
  8. life is science fiction
  9. jungle painters
  10. ghost tramp on subway
  11. octopus
  12. back to the 70's
  13. eno yromen