1998 cd bel carbon 7 c7-035

re-issue of the "plays methane" album

maļ nuyts: vocals
frank debruyne: soprano sax, tenor sax
iris de blaere: yamaha grantouch
frank nuyts: marimba, korg ow1, programming & conducting
koenraad van overberghe: korg m1
frederic croene: roland u-220, roland r-8
frank de laet: 5-string e.bass
jan de smet: drums

theo de witte: recording, mixing, editing and mastering
frank nuyts: mixing

all compositions by frank nuyts


hard scores book 2

  1. generation 363
  2. the vaporous existence of harry the termite
  3. eat your gravity!
  4. the buba-trap
  5. between the treasure and the sun

hard scores book 3

  1. murky third
  2. bob's bones (text: thomas moore)
  3. interlude 1: tickled by callipers
  4. indian prodioux (text: anon)
  5. interlude 2: smuff
  6. tom and dick (text: jonathan swift)
  7. interlude 3: slow burner
  8. the man of thessaly (text: anon)
  9. interlude 4: the f-tune
  10. sastaway (text: anon)