hamster axis of the one-click panther & mauro pawlowski

insatiable - play the peter houben songbook

2015 lp+cd bel starman records smr049

recorded april 2014

frederik meulijzer: drums
janos bruneel: double bass
bram weijters: acoustic / electric piano
andrew claes: tenor saxophone
lander van den noortgate: alto saxophone
  mauro pawlowski: vocals, electric guitar

all compositions by peter houben
arrangements by lander van den noortgate

side one

  1. the good lord created hyenas and i can scratch my balls
  2. insatiable
  3. this vibration is not just a movement of particles in the air
  4. pinetrees do not lose their fur

side two

  1. gravedigger
  2. over the hill
  3. lift your load (run your mile)
  4. i'm sick and i'm proud