H-Mungus was a project that Roy Estrada did with Mark Radley.

From the "In There Garage" liner notes:

During this time I was living and raising my son in Colorado, I found some time and I went to a club in Ft.Collins, Co. There is where I met Mark. He was plaing in a group that were doing cover songs. There performance of the songs was done tastefulle, so on there break I introduced myself, to the Mark Radley, the guitar player.
"You played with Little Feat, they are my favorite group".
So as time went on, he eventually stopped performing with that group, and we started getting together, jamming in the garage. He had introduced me to Tim, by this time and later brought in Stan. I was having fun, being back into music, since my last time, doing that '75-'76 tour with Frank Zappa.
After we got these songs, fairly worked out, we recorded them in the same garage we had put them together. And this is the result of our messing around. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

My sincere thank to you as fans,

Roy Estrada"

  h-mungus: in there garage
    (2004, cdr, usa, private release) = roy estrada




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