david linx & michel hatzigeorgiou


2019 cd eu sound surveyor music ssm0219


david linx: vocals
michel hatzigeorgiou: fender bass


  1. on a lonely crowded street  (d.linx)
  2. i walk alone  (d.linx, m.hatzigeorgiou)
  3. the wind cries mary  (j.hendrix)
  4. on eigher side  (d.linx, m.hatzigeorgiou)
  5. downriver bound  (d.linx, m.laginha)
  6. jessica smokes  (d.linx, m.hatzigeorgiou)
  7. rosa  (pixinguinha)
  8. no more unfinished business  (d.linx, m.hatzigeorgiou)
  9. the wordsmith  (d.linx, m.hatzigeorgiou)