asphalt orchestra

asphalt orchestra

2010 cd usa cantaloupe music / band on a can ca21066

recorded at the water music studios in hoboken, nj on august 9, 2009

the asphalt orchestra
  jessica schmitz: piccolo
  alex hamlin: soprano saxophone
  ken thomson: alto saxophone
  peter hess: tenor saxophone
  shane endsley: trumpet
  stephanie richards: trumpet
  alan ferber: trombone
  jen baker: trombone
  kenneth bentley: sousaphone
  sunny jain: snare drum
  yuri yamashita: quad toms
  nick jenkins: bass drum

produced by ken thomson

  1. zomby woof (frank zappa)
  2. champagne (goran bregovic)
  3. the shoes of the fisherman's wife are some five ass slippers (charles mingus)
  4. electric red (meshuggah)
  5. hyper-ballad (björk)
  6. carlton (stew and heidi rodewald)
  7. pulse march (tyondai braxton)