todd grubbs

return of the worm

2011 cd usa ls1110365


todd grubbs: guitar, keyboards
jeff henry: drums
patrick bettison: bass
jordon leno: organ
mark prator: drums
sean malone: bass
alan tatum: bass, acoustic guitar
tony arnone: piano
mike keneally: guitar solo  3
blues saraceno: guitar solo  6
jerry outlax: guitar solo 7
jon oliver: vocals, stunt guitar  7
bo smith: vocals

all songs written by todd grubbs, except ?? by grubbs, tatum, henry & arnone

produced by todd grubbs

  1. 5 afer 4 in the morning

  2. i am not a commentator

  3. the message

  4. number station

  5. 6/9/03

  6. you can do it

  7. skinny elephant

  8. prepare to dive

  9. bartok

  10. frogs

  11. space walk