pierrejean gaucher

melody makers

2009 cd france musiclip mu 1009

recorded september 2008

pierrejean gaucher: electric and acoustic guitars
clément petit: cello, electric 5-string cello
cédric affre: drums and percussion

produced by pierrejean gaucher

  1. scatterbrain  (radiohead)
  2. walking on the moon (sting)
  3. kashmir (page / plant)
  4. dinosaur (king crimson)
  5. who do you think you are (costello)
  6. aladdin sane (bowie)
  7. i want to vanish (costello)
  8. smoke on the water (deep purple)
  9. knights in shining karma (xtc / partridge)
  10. with a little help from my friends (lennon / mccartney)