gruppo di pawlowski

in inhuman hands

2017 lp bel stahlmus 010

(bonus) lime paper album cover, comes with three postcards

jeroen stevens: drums
sjoerd bruil: keyboards
younes zahnoun: bass
pascal deweze: guitar, percussion
elko blijweert: guitar
mauro pawlowski: guitar, vocals

produced and mixed by micha volders

all tracks by mauro pawlowski

  1. charmotron
  2. what have you
  3. honest all night
  4. zahnounian tide
  5. two gods
  6. the hekagram amelias
  7. ltq blues
  8. cum sympy 1
  9. bolleh!
  10. lc over lithuania
  11. cum sympa 2
  12. no beginning
  13. rumours
  14. van duin drum
  15. pbnlh
  16. war between the easy going
  17. the grayscale bonus