2009 cd uk a-wave aagwcd001


  david allen: voice, guitar
  steve hillage: guitar
  gilli smyth: voice, space whisper
  miquette giraudy: synthesizer
  mike howlett: bass
  chris taylor: drums
  theo travis: sax and flute
special guests
  didier malherbe: duduk, soprano sax, flute
  yuji katsui: electric violin
  elliet mackrell: violin
  stefanie petrik: backing vocals

produced and mixed by steve hillage

  1. city of self fascination (d.allen)
  2. digital girl (d.allen, s.hillage)
  3. how to stay alive (d.allen, s.hillage, m.howlette, c.taylor)
  4. escape control delete (d.allen, s.hillage, m.giraudy, m.howlett)
  5. yoni poem (g.smyth, m.giraudy)
  6. dance with the pixies (d.allen)
  7. wacky baccy banker (d.allen, s.hillage)
  8. the year 2032 (d.allen)
  9. robo-warriors (g.smyth, m.giraudy)
  10. guitar zero (d.allen, c.taylor)
  11. the gris gris girl (d.allen, s.hillage)
  12. wave and a particle (g.smyth, m.giraudy)
  13. pinkle ponkle (d.allen, s.hillage, g.smyth)
  14. portal (s.hillage)